A lot of people are talking about Love Shayari Holi this year. It is basically the Indian Valentine’s Day, but instead of exchanging sweets and gifts on the day, the focus is on love. In fact, the name is derived from a Hindi saying: “Shayari means love and ashari means dedication”. This is why it is being called the Indian Valentine’s Day. However, what does this holiday really symbolize?

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The significance of this holiday really depends on the interpretation of the true meaning of love. According to Hindi literature, love is actually one of the seven deadly sins. Everyone wants to be loved, but sometimes you must let go of the desire for love in order to move on with your life. When you do this, love is said to blossom. The flowers of love must not wilt, or else it might cause unhappiness for the one who gives them away.

Love is also believed to be a divine form of energy that is possessed by the spirits and godly powers. So, the exchange of sweets on this day is an expression of God’s endless blessing and support. During this season, people show their gratitude to the divinity by wearing flowers in the colors of the occasion. The best part about this is that this trend originated from India, which explains why it is considered to be such a great celebration.

In India, different regions have their own versions of Shayari Holi. While in the North, it is Pongal; in the South, it is Vasant Panchami; and in the East, it is Lohri. All the regions feature Lohri, which is the traditional dress of women. A red-colored silk sari is worn as a sign of respect and submission to the Goddess of love. Of course, not all Indian women know the significance of the sari; but when they do, they use it as a symbol of their ardent faith in their partners.

The Lohri or the red sari should be obtained only from a reliable online store. Once you’ve made the purchase, you must rush to the store and pick up your parcel. When you go out shopping, make sure you keep your eyes open for special offers. Online stores offer a wide array of items at attractive prices.

It is not enough to buy the dress, it should be a combination of other items as well. Consider the jewelry to be added. Since this is a Hindu festival, you should buy a necklace or a headband. You can wear bangles too. A pair of earrings or a bracelet would be perfect. Try to buy a few pairs so that you don’t end up wearing the same outfit on different days.

When your shopping is done, you should know what you want to give as a gift. Visit the internet and check out different shops. You can choose sweets of your choice, along with gifts of your choice. Don’t forget to add a personal touch by including a message of appreciation. If you can’t find the sweets you wanted, you can simply write a poem or a thank you note.

Before buying the sweets, be very clear about their purpose. For instance, if you are buying them to celebrate the birth of your baby, then it is better to go in for gourmet sweets. Else, if you are looking forward to giving them away as gifts, then there are plenty of options available. So, whether you are buying them for yourself or as gifts, just be sure that you buy them from an authentic store.

The traditional colors of Holi were red and green, but over time, there have been several changes made to the Holi colors. Today, the most popular colors are probably pink and white. You can also opt for other colors like blue, purple, yellow and even orange. This change in the Holi colors has actually helped in making the holiday more vibrant.

As far as the gifts are concerned, they are much the same as those given on any other festival. However, they are usually prettier and more colorful to make the occasion look more appealing. Gifts like jasmine, pearls, flowers and even beads are really popular as far as shayari gifts are concerned. The best part is that you can find almost anything you want online these days.

Apart from the traditional shayari gifts such as jasmine and pearls, you can also opt for hand-woven sarees, handmade gold ornaments and colorful silks. These gifts do not come cheap, so you must select wisely. Also remember that you should try and buy gifts from a reputed online store. You can either search for the store online or even browse through the sites of various stores before deciding. This way, you will know what prices to expect and will be able to bargain well.