When most people picture wedding bands, they usually picture diamond studded ones. And while diamonds are the most desired of wedding bands, there are a lot of other options out there. If you are inspired by the latest fashions and trends, but you are budget conscious, there are also inexpensive wedding bands available. In this article, we will introduce you to a few bands that fall into this category:

Crystal Wedding Bands. If you want to stand out from your fellow couples, consider having crystal wedding rings as part of your ensemble. These are affordable jewelry pieces that appeal to both women and men. They come in several different styles and jewelries, so it should not be too hard to find one that matches the style of your gown and your overall wedding plan.

Emerald and Jade Wedding Bands. Emerald and jade are two stone styles that have become quite popular recently. These unique gemstones exude class and prestige, and they pair beautifully with any gemstone wedding rings. These two styles are offered in a variety of shades, making them great additions to engagement rings or wedding sets. The colors range from jet black to a creamy pink, and they both have a beautiful luster to them.

Rubies and Emeralds. Although these two gemstones are typically associated with weddings, they are great rings for engagement rings as well. They look stunning with both solitaire and three stone engagement rings, and couples often opt for matching earrings as well. One of the best things about rubies and emeralds is that their prices vary so much from store to store. Because of this, couples are able to enjoy many different styles without breaking the bank.

Heart and Waffle Wedding Bands. Another style of band that has emerged recently is the heart and waffle. These unique wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger, between the index finger and middle finger. This finger is thought to be an important vein channeling the heart. The vein is also believed to carry blood from the heart to the finger.

Claddagh and Celtic Wedding Bands. Many people choose to wear these traditional Irish wedding bands as engagement rings instead of engagement rings. Irish wedding bands feature a knot design, which is what the name suggests. Claddagh wedding bands can either be made from white gold or silver, and they often have beautiful Celtic designs engraved in them. These wedding bands are a gorgeous addition to any finger, and they can go great with simple white shirt dresses.

Customized Bridal Set. A lot of modern brides opt not to buy standard engagement rings, and instead select unique engagement rings and wedding bands that will compliment their individual taste and style. Some brides, for example, choose to wear an unusual engagement ring set. These are wedding bands that contain a single piece of jewelry, such as a small silver heart, and may come in a variety of precious metals, from platinum to yellow gold.

As you can see, there are many options available when selecting wedding bands for your special day. You can get plain, bezel setting engagement rings in gold or silver, or you can choose a variety of designs, shapes, and metal types for your wedding bands. No matter what style you choose, it will look great on your finger, and will compliment the other jewelry that you are wearing. Just remember to be creative, because your unique style will make or break your appearance!

Pearl Wedding Bands. When looking for a statement piece to add to your wedding collection, try pearl wedding bands. Although pearls aren’t always traditional when it comes to engagement rings, this type of precious stone looks beautiful when paired with a number of different styles, cuts, and sizes of engagement rings. For example, you can get pearl engagement rings that feature round brilliant cut diamonds, tiny sapphire diamonds, and larger more traditional ones.

Tungsten Rings. Tungsten is becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings. It is lightweight, attractive, and a relatively inexpensive way to achieve a similar look to an antique diamond ring. Many jewelers also offer tungsten wedding bands.

Wedding Bands are the perfect choice for people who lead a busy active lifestyle. By having a wide selection of beautiful engagement rings available in a wide variety of styles, jewelers can give even busy brides and grooms an option that creates a wonderful statement on their wedding day. All the best!