There is certainly plenty of competition around pertaining to mixed drink bars and also bars like Olivias Townhouse Birmingham. They are available in all designs providing what they take into consideration to be the perfect place for music, mixed drinks and also a bottle of sparkling wine.

What is regarded as a superb alcoholic drink bar or club by one individual may not coincide for someone else, however listed below are 5 variables that I consider go a lengthy means to making a perfect one for everyone:

1. Place is leading of my checklist as no one seriously suches as spending a night in a dreadful area of community, no matter exactly how great the nightclub venue is. It does not constantly need to remain in a definitely perfect area yet a lousy place might urge an unsuitable group which can develop a less pleasurable ambiance.

2. The location itself will certainly not remarkably play a huge component in whether or not it’s a good place to socialise. Several clubs and also bars nowadays utilise a theme to the interior design which can be truly enjoyable. The lighting, the standard of furniture, the color scheme, the bar area as well as also the toilet centers play an integral part in creating the ideal environment.

3. One more very crucial function is that there’s a varied drink food selection to select from. Fairly priced mixed drinks, spirits and champagne should be supplied, though certainly there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with prime-quality vintage sparkling wine being on offer to individuals that can manage it. The reality is that for the affluent client, a VIP style menu is an outright have to have attribute as the club’s guests might be amusing important customers.

4. The type of songs being played in the facility is obviously a very essential aspect. Many venues will certainly have visitor performances from main DJs that is always a favorable feature. This can typically make one location get observed among others as being the place to go.

5. My 5th factor on the checklist is safety and security. Bar safety is a task just about everybody has become accustomed to, although how efficiently this is run might have a huge effect on the success of the venue. In a suitable world safety and security should be understated yet nevertheless very reliable. It is critical that any kind of location is risk-free as well as comfy for both men and women to enjoy themselves. Improperly run safety can leave the venue sensation frightening and unwelcoming for every person.

So there it is. 5 basic points which I think are useful and essential to all cocktail bars and also bars. Whether you are performing service or hanging out with friends, a well run, safe and secure as well as nice looking place might be the best destination for a check out.

The author is a designer and is based in Surrey England. He has checked out many cocktail lounges over the years both socially and for service entertaining. Some have actually been exceptional as well as others unsatisfactory.