Dubuque IA

Dubuque IA is a beautiful area in the northeast corner of Iowa. Dubuque has lots of history, attractions, and great places to stay. Dubuque has three major cities: Dubuque, Elk Horn and Sioux Falls. Elk Horn has lots of attractions, including a restored train depot. Dubuque has lots of rural living. Here are some things you should see and do in Dubuque.

Downtown Dubuque has many attractions for visitors and locals. Dubuque is an Iowa town on the western edge of the Minnesota River. The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium investigate life in and near the river.

West of Dubuque on the edge of the reservation is the reservation area. There are several historical sites to see and things to do. The Grand Harbor has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. North of Dubuque, you can find the ruins of the Gold Rush Highway, which served as the main thoroughfare for those passing through during the construction of the Grand Coulee. South of Dubuque, you’ll discover beautiful natural waterfalls, including the Rainbow Springs and Medicine Rock.

South of Dubuque, you’ll discover the town of Dyersville. The town of Dyersville sits on the Indian Reservations of Pine Ridge and Beargrass. The reservation was established in the late 1800s and was the home to many early settlers, including your author. South of Dubuque you’ll find the ruins of an old schoolhouse, a playground, and an old-fashioned gas station.

East of Dubuque you’ll find Crystal Lake and the famous Crystal Lake Ice Cream Festival. The Ice Cream Festival is held every Tuesday through Sunday at the Crystal Lake Park. Hundreds of people gather on this picnic table along the shore of Crystal Lake to enjoy ice cream, homemade sweets, music, and free demonstrations by the professional ice cream makers of the world. There are also a world class koozie and souvenir shop.

North of Dubuque you’ll find historic Fort Scott and the quiet Heartland National Recreation Area. Fort Scott shelters millions of migratory birds who use the local bird sanctuaries for nesting and traveling purposes. This is a site not to be missed. The Heartland National Recreation Area offers many guided tours, nature programs, and nature trails.

The last stop on our Dubuque Iowa USA vacation was the beautiful George Brettler House. Mr. Brettler was born in Germany but later worked with the US government in Europe and later worked with the development of Dubuque. The George Brettler House was designed as an historic home for an American engineer. The house offers visitors the chance to view the original plumbing, woodwork, flooring, and kitchen cabinets. GeoCaching enthusiasts will be happy to know that the house has now been restored and offers guests the opportunity to experience GeoCaching while on vacation in Dubuque.

Along our journey we met with many new friends and enjoyed many great adventures. Our final resting place was the Grand Harbor Bike Park in Cedar Rapids. Here, you’ll find bicycle paths and a large public walking path. Here you will also find free Wi-Fi internet access in the areas of Westwood and Cedar Rapids. You’ll even find two large swimming pools for the summer season. There is truly something for everyone in the Grand Rapids area.

While here in Dubuque we visited the world famous Shamrock imports in the historic center of Dubuque. This restaurant was built in an old style brick building that dates back prior to 1800. The interior features hand-painted images of Texas ranchers. The counter portion features green chili con carne as well as a giant clam shell which are considering a Texas clam chowder.

Another exciting stop while here in Dubuque was our recommendation to visit the world famous Diamond Jo’s, which sits at the junction of two state parks. Situated on a cliff top above Highway 90-A, you will observe the breathtaking scenery and wildlife from the safe vantage point of Diamond Jo’s observation deck. The restaurant offers three different dining options including steaks, burgers and seafood. For dessert, enjoy the delectable Thai Doai Coconut Pie. This pie is encased in a soft coconut shell with a tasty golden cream which is made from real Thailand coconut.

When traveling through Dubuque, always make sure to stop by the legendary Bob’s Big Red Lighthouse which is located in the scenic Pine Creek State Park. At this famous landmark you will be treated to the sounds of nature and take in the beautiful panoramic view of this park. Travelers who enjoy the art of photography will appreciate the photographic opportunities offered at this park. At the end of the day, you will want to return to your Dubuque hotel and relax by the fire where you enjoyed some quality live music. The sunset from Bob’s Big Red Lighthouse is truly a sight to behold.