For cartoon lovers, you can say that Singapore is the place for them – and they can choose from many different types of animations. In fact, Singapore is a big animation mecca. From cartoon shows to movies, animation has taken over the lives of our young people here in Singapore. And one good thing about animation is that it is quite affordable here compared to other countries like China or India.

2d animation Singapore

If you are looking for something that is a little bit offbeat, you can check out the Singaporean animated classic called Mango. The movie is about a monkey that falls in love with an elephant. Although this film is rather old by Singaporean standards, it is quite a nice watch. You can also go for the much sexier (and much less dirty) animated comedy called Pixels. Both these are quite popular too.

If you are more into the traditional stuff, there are many movies with English subtitles available here. A good example is the Sherlock Holmes movie. There are many fans of this classic who return to Singapore every year for the Convenience Store Festival. You can easily find Chinese restaurants serving up snacks and desserts in various languages during this event.

For those who love animation and computer games, you will be in heaven with Singaporean Jumper games online. The game is quite popular, especially with the younger crowd. This is quite a new entry into the world of online gaming but people are loving it all the same. They have created portals on sites like YouTube and Facebook where they share their favorite games. And not only older players get to play them. Some of the newest entrants are gamers themselves!

For a true adventure, you might want to check out the Limbo Movie. It is based on the book of the same name and has been made into a 2d animation Singapore. As you can imagine, it is pretty awesome. With a huge array of special effects and some awesome special effects, the entire movie is quite fast-paced and fun. There are quite a few native Chinese speaking actors here too.

There are quite a few other animated films and cartoons being shown here these days. The next few months will see quite a few more in the pipeline. Visit Singapore and experience a whole new era of entertainment. Animation has taken over Hollywood and done great justice to animated movies here in Singapore. Enjoy!